Another amazing summer has come and gone.  I officially handed in my uniform, packed my bags, and am in the process of saying my last goodbyes to my vf crew tonight.  Although my picture perfect summer is officially over tomorrow I’m embarking on an amazing adventure for the semester.  I’m going to be studying abroad through the University of Virginia in a program called Semester at Sea.  The entire semester is on a ship where we stop in multiple countries on the way. By December I will have visited 4 continents and over 15 countries.  The schedule is:


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Galway, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

London, England

Antwerp, Belgium

Lisbon, Portugal

Cadiz, Spain

Casablanca, Morocco

Tema, Ghana

Cape Town, South Africa

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Montevideo, Uruguay

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Manaus, Brazil

Roseau, Dominica

Fort Lauderdale, FL


After four months of planning I can’t believe the day has finally come.  On the ship I’ll be taking Global Studies, Leadership Development, Cross Cultural Psychology, and Comparative Politics.  I’m going to try to post at least once every country so all my friends and family can keep up with my travels!  Tomorrow my parents are flying with me to Canada and we are making a little family vacation out of it.  Wednesday I’ll get on the ship a day early because I am going to be working in the school store for the semester!  Thursday night the ship will set sail!  I’m still in the process of packing- two suitcases that are 50 pounds each is harder than you’d think to pack your life into!  So I’m off to keep packing and spend the night with my VF crew!  Wish me luck!

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One thought on “Minnesota!

  1. Paulette Keough

    Sarah it sounds like you are off to a great start; glad to hear that you have found your sea legs! I enjoyed reading about your time in Irland.
    It was very nice to have met you and your Mom and Dad; I feel like we were apart of this great adventure! Enjoy; have a great time. Paulette….(Aidan’s Nana)

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